ExSaf History

                  The third person in the left of the first row is ExSaf’s founder Chen Chengwu


                  In 1987, Chen Chengwu resigned from Shenzhen Tonghua Company.

                  On the first day of December of the same year, Chen Chengwu and other six persons incorporated ExSaf Electronics Company. As a private technology company with a registered capital of RMB 50,000, the company mainly engaged in gas direction alarm business.

                  In this year, Shenzhen Development Bank was incorporated.

                  ExSaf’s Workshop in 1994: the persons from left to right were Jiang Yaqiang, Yu Xiaorong, and Hou Zhenlei

                  The newly-founded company was located in Building 401 at the intersection between Yannan Road and Zhenhua Road in Futian District. Since Chen Chengwu was not very expert at the research, development, and production of gas detectors and alarms, he invited his former workmate, engineer Su Yihua, to draw a draft for him.

                  ExSaf’s Workshop in 1994: the second person from right to left is Su Yihua

                  Su Yihua asked him to send a product to the National Anti-explosion Center for testing and gave him a letter and told him to contact a person in charge. The first batch of products were qualified upon testing.

                  ExSaf’s Workshop in 1994: the second person from right to left is Su Yihua


                  During the years from 1987 to 1991, the company’s total sales was less than RMB 100,000 and it had a debt exceeding RMB 100,000. Its products were not salable. All the founders except Chen Chengwu left the company, which survived only by manufacturing cable insulating strips.

                  When Chen Chengwu knew that Su Yihua, who drew a draft for him, planed to resign from the former employer, he immediately invited Su Yihua to join ExSaf. On February 3, 1991, Su Yihua led three persons to join ExSaf and worked as Manager in the company.

                  In August 1991, the stock market in Shenzhen crashed. In September, Shenzhen Development Bank stood out to become a pivot point levering the first bull market in the securities market history.

                  The company’s first portable gas detection alarm SS318

                  In 1991, the company only had one gas detection alarm with a special structure. Su Yihua led all employees to develop and design new gas detection alarms.

                  At that time, the area of the office leased was less than 100 square meters. It was divided simply into two sections, an office and a workshop, where there was no fan in it. Everyone worked hard and even worked overtime at night. A few employees shared a big burden of jobs, which were not divided. Nobody expected overtime pays. Under such conditions, the company’s first portable gas detection alarm SS318 was brought out. Later 90G detector and TON96 controller were developed and produced.

                  These persons were Kang Wei, Liu Qian, Xiang Jinhui, Zhang Yu, Huang Xizhong, and Su Yihua

                  ExSaf’s Booth at the Northwest China Social Security Products Fair held in 1995


                  Due to shortage of funds, ExSaf could not sell products by common means. Initially, it sold products by writing to potential customers to introduce the company and its products. After a customer wrote back to the company and expressed its interest in the company’s products, the company’s salespersons set off for the customer’s location.

                  Though we were short of funds for sales, we would go to customer’s location at the first time if a customer had a technical question or needed after-sales service. In this way, customers trusted us gradually.

                  The company’s sales amount was RMB 275,000 in 1991, RMB 1,040,000 in 1992, over RMB 2,700,000 in 1993, and more than 5 million in 1994.

                  In the same year, Shenzhen Development Bank’s stock price went up to RMB 63 from RMB 17 when it was listed.

                  A get-together at the dormitory in Donggualing in an evening in 1994

                  Initially, the company’s employees resided in peasant’s houses in a village at North Shaputou, Futian District. Later, because the company moved to a new place, they moved to peasant’s houses at Huanggang Village, Futian District. As the company had more employees in 1994, it rented half a floor of a building in the temporary housing area in Donggualing, Shenzhen and all employees lived there.

                  At that time, the most attractive thing for them was to stay together to eat, drink, and chat. Such get-together became the most unforgettable and exciting thing. During business trips, they made an appointment for evening get-togethers in Shenzhen when returned. Nobody cared about the shabby environment in the residence and they often got drunk in the get-togethers.

                  With the development of the company, these persons were sent to some other places in China several years later. Since then, they seldom stayed together.

                  All staff of ExSaf on the New Year’s Day in 1994


                  In 1995, Chen Chengwu, the original board chairman, decided to leave the company. Chen Chengwu and Su Yihua promised to support each other no matter what they would do in the future.

                  At the end of 1995, Diwang Building, 383.95m in height, was topped off ahead of schedule. Two lightning rods at the top of the building went up straightly, symbolizing many great dreams in this city.

                  Xue Tao and Huang Xizhong participating a fair


                  In 1996, the company’s sales amount reached RMB . However, it felt mixed-up in management. It wanted to further develop but did not know how to do. So it invited a quality management system consulting company to train all managerial staff. The company also began to apply ISO9000 management system methods to all aspects.

                  At that time, only a few companies applied the quality management system. In 1996, China Paints (Shenzhen) Company was China’s first company which was ISO9000 certified.

                  Office in 1993


                  In 1997, the company bought a new office with the area of 569 m2 at Tianji Building, Tianan Digital Town, Futian District. Then its office and workshop were moved there. Finally ExSaf had its own home.

                  On July 1, 1997, Hong Kong returned to China.

                  All ExSaf employees on January 15, 1998


                  Xue Tao joined ExSaf in 1995, responsible for market development in Xi’an. In 1997, ExSaf had some customers in this region. In order to solve on-site problems rapidly, he employed two persons at his expenses to be responsible for after-sales maintenance. That was the beginning of ExSaf’s sales office.

                  In 1998, Shanghai Office was established officially. Salespersons Zhang Guoxi and Wang Guozhi and after-sales serviceman Gu Jianxin worked there.

                  The company’s sales amount was RMB in 1997 and RMB in 1998.

                  The company’s entrance in 1999


                  Shenzhen Suofugong Company also engaged in gas detection alarm business. It always treated ExSaf as a competitor. In 1999, ExSaf acquired Suofugong Company. The acquisition was a turning point of ExSaf. After the acquisition was completed, ExSaf began to divide China market into different regions for the convenience of sales management. In the same year, Beijing Office was established and Li Yanling served as the Manager in the office. Gao Jianyuan served as a salesperson in the office while Shi Yaping worked as an after-sales-service man in the office.

                  On December 20, 1999, Macau returned to China.

                  Sales managers in offices all over China attended the company’s annual meeting during the New Year’s Day in 2004


                  Before 2004, the Electronics Company was responsible for R&D, production and sale of gas detection alarms. By 2004, ExSaf had established 28 sales offices in China.

                  In 2005, ExSaf Instrument Trading Co., Ltd. was incorporated officially, responsible for sales and after-sales service of gas detection alarms manufactured by the Electronics Company. It was located at Tianan Science &Technology Square, Futian District. At that time, Shang Yingbin served as the manager of Dalian Office, Wang Yaqiang as the manager of Guangzhou Office, Zhang Guoxi as the manager of Hunan Office, La Wenmin as the manager of Sichuan Office, Guo Aimin as the manager of Xinjiang Office, Wang Yangxin as the manager of Shanghai Office, and Xue Tao as the manager of Xi’an Office. Xiang Jinhui, who joined the company along with Su Yihua in 1991, left the company.

                  In the same year, Shenzhen began to apply for hosting the Universiade.

                  ExSaf Industry Park


                  In 2005, ExSaf acquired the Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd. located at No. 5 Langshan Erhao Road, Northern Area of the Science & Technology Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. In 2006, the Electronics Company’s R&D and manufacturing moved to the new industry park. The industry park’s building area is 15,275 square meters.

                  ExSaf had its own industry park 19 years after its incorporation.

                  In this year, new Shenzhen Library, a landmark building of the Town of Library, opened for the public. It collected up to 4 million books.

                  The Drinking Festival in 2006 – Shenyang Office

                  In 2006, the company set its own festival, Drinking Festival. It is a festival with liquor and wine as media, representing pleasure and enthusiasm. As from 2006, ExSaf employees in all places in the country will organize various activities in the afternoon of the 4th Friday in each May to enjoy themselves to the utmost.

                  Desert Bicycling in 2006

                  In 2006, Xue Tao was responsible for the sales in Xi’an. Shi Yaping was responsible for the sales in Tianjin. Zhang Guoxi was responsible for the sales in Hunan. Jiang Yaqiang was responsible for the sales in Guagnzhou. Chen Chengguan worked in Maoming. Xiang Jinhui left the company. They lived in different places in China. Though they were living a better life, they missed the days when they held a get-together every night at the temporary residence in Donggualing.

                  For this reason, all decided to cross Taklaman Desert together by bicycle. Twelve persons set off for the desert on the 15th day of September.

                  That desert bicycling was the beginning of ExSaf bicycling events.

                  ExSaf Intelligent Pressure Transmitter                        ExSaf Intelligent Temperature Transmitter


                  The company had been dedicated in gas detection alarm business for 21 years since its incorporation. In 2008, Shenzhen ExSaf Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. was incorporated, engaging in research, development, and production of intelligent pressure transmitters and intelligent temperature transmitters. Since then, the product lines of ExSaf had been expanded.

                  In the same year, Shenzhen Bay Border Port opened. As a citizen steps over the yellow line, he/she reaches the territory of Hong Kong.

                  In May 2010, volunteers from ExSaf 852 Group visited veteran Liu Shijiao in Hunan.


                  In the second half of 2009, ExSaf established the Retirement Fund for Expeditionary Army veterans after learning about veterans’ experiences and current situations. It took some money monthly from the fund to pay veterans as retirement pensions. In every May and October, ExSaf’s young employees will set off for the home of veterans in Yunnan, Hunan, and Sichuan to visit them and offer retirement pensions.

                  In order to fulfill this task orderly, ExSaf established the Expeditionary Army 852 Group, which is made up of young employees who visit Expeditionary Army veterans every year.